About us

Inoxa in time


Inoxa has been producing accessories in metal wire, wood, aluminium and plastic materials for the kitchen furniture sector since 1998, when it was born thanks to the long-lasting experience of his owner in the metal wire accessories field. The main value has always been the relationship with the client, the main focus on listening and transforming projects into relationships of trust, collaboration and willingness.
To meet the increasing demand of the market, in 2009 the company has created a new painting division and a brand new galvanic plant in 2013, to have greater control over the product quality.
Furthermore, in 2020, Inoxa obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, a proof that all our products are made responding to certain specifications, and produced according to traceable processes. This certification demonstrates commitment and loyalty to all the clients that rely on us!


We believe in the human value of work and we believe in technology at its service.
Our employees have the right experience and skills to interact with advanced machineries, our staff members, with their know-how, accompany every phase of the production process so that the finished product is the synthesis of the so-called "beautiful and useful", the combination of functional creativity, aesthetics and ease of use, innovation.
We believe that projects are first and foremost meetings; each meeting help us listening to the needs of the people who choose us, exchanging ideas, confronting and, eventually, building something solid that remains, even afterwards.
Every thing in the right place, the individual at the center