About us

Our history

Inoxa is an engineering industry, which has been operating in the kitchen furniture sector for more than 20 years. It manufactures accessories in metal wire, wood, aluminum and plastic materials.

All Inoxa products are born from the concept of an open and modern kitchen, refined by the care and design that the company employ in the creation of each single product.

Inoxa srl is born! The company is the result of its owner's thirty years of experience in the processing of wire accessories. In fact, the company has acquired a production branch of a previous company, operating in the same sector, owned by the Trombettoni family.
The products are the result of the highly specialized technical staff intuitions but also of the recommendations of our customers, which we always welcome as an opportunity of growth and development.

Transfer to the new factory situated in Via dell’Industria, where our administrative, commercial and operational offices are still located today. Even the logistics warehouse is in the same location.

To meet both production and supply needs, we acquired additional land in Via Roncolina, where all the production activities are concentrated today. The factory has also an inside painting unit.

Inoxa has acquired an independent plant for the galvanic treatment, after making use of external contractors in the past. The purpose is to achieve a greater control over the quality of the products.

The building in Via Roncolina is growing and a new plant totally dedicated to a new line of products is created.

Inoxa obtains the ISO9001 quality management system certification, in order to remain competitive in the context in which we live. One of the most significant parameters within the company processes is the constant care in the quality of work and products.